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A hidden locale that is full of possibilities.

Are you looking for a unique and enjoyable shopping experience? If you want to find quality clothing items, accessories, gifts and home decor that will look and feel great, then we want to show you our collection of items that we have here at Spanky Jane’s Bunker right here in Hickory, North Carolina! Hidden in a basement, we promise that ours is a store that is worth the search.

About Spanky Jane’s Bunker in Hickory, North Carolina

When we opened up Spanky Jane’s Bunker, we wanted to create a unique shopping experience that you wouldn’t get at the big box stores. Unlike other retail stores that carry loads of stock and are catered to the masses, we carry just a few items in each size and look for quality pieces that you aren’t going to see on everyone. With outfit consultations, personal shopping available, and fantastic customer service located in a fun atmosphere, we know that our boutique will quickly become one of your favorite places to shop.

We started a fun clothing store a few years ago and have grown it into a boutique that we truly enjoy. We have many regular clients who come in not only for the great clothing and prices that we offer, but also because they know we can find them that something special for themselves or as a gift. We love helping our customers and know that you will also love the experience of Spanky Jane’s Bunker.

If you are looking for an unforgettable shopping experience, please come and see us today!