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We offer a great women’s clothing store shopping experience that anyone can appreciate.

Shopping is supposed to an enjoyable experience, but sometimes it can be the exact opposite! What are women supposed to do when they have a limited amount of time to shop, are tired of seeing the same thing in store after store, and might need help in selecting an outfit? Here at Spanky Jane’s Bunker, we have the solution to all of those limitations and more with a great women’s clothing store shopping experience that anyone can appreciate in Hickory, North Carolina.

Women’s Clothing Store in Hickory, North Carolina

When you come to our women’s clothing store, you’ll notice that we do not carry a large number of every item that is in stock. Not only does this help us to ensure that we are always rotating and finding new items for our customers, but it also helps to guarantee that you aren’t going to see your new purchase copied on several people on the street. We are invested in giving our customers unique and interesting options when it comes to clothing, so we make sure you have a variety of unique choices at all times by keeping the number of identical items to a minimum.

Not only will you love the selection that we have here at Spanky Jane’s Bunker, but you’ll also love the atmosphere that we have here! Because we opted for a basement location and an eclectic look, you are able to experience shopping with a fun atmosphere that feels more like a speakeasy than a clothing store! We know you’ll love the personalized attention, clothing assistance and unique pieces here at Spanky Jane’s Bunker. Come visit us today to see for yourself what makes this women’s clothing store so special.


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