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Get unique women’s fashion pieces that you’ll love at Spanky Jane’s Bunker.

If you are interested in a more unique style, but aren’t sure how to proceed, please come and see us at Spanky Jane’s Bunker! Our personal shopping skills can help you find something that will look and make you feel great. We are always happy to help with shopping, an outfit consultation, and even a little bit of retail therapy thrown in. No matter what you’re looking for when you come into our boutique, we can help you find something that you’ll love before you walk out.

Women’s Fashion in Hickory, North Carolina

We know that women’s fashion can be challenging– especially if you don’t particularly enjoy shopping or choosing outfits. Instead of struggling to decide what goes best with what, we here at Spanky Jane’s Bunker are happy to help you find and curate your unique style. With fantastic customer service and our personal shopping expertise, we can help you find pieces that pair well together while also complementing your figure. Because we don’t mark up our women’s fashion pieces to outrageous prices, you will find quality items of clothing, accessories, shoes and jewelry for great deals without sacrificing on quality.

Another aspect of our items that our customers enjoy is our attention to our merchandise. We want to find pieces that are useful, unique and will help you feel fantastic. For this reason, we don’t stock many items, but choose a steady rotation of women’s fashion pieces. You’ll always find something different and attractive when you come see us at Spanky Jane’s Bunker in Hickory, North Carolina. Come see us today and find out what we have for you!