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Our women’s boutique offers a selection that every woman will enjoy.

Here at Spanky Jane’s Bunker, you are going to experience a women’s boutique unlike anything you have ever seen before! With a fun, speakeasy-type atmosphere and chic pieces that you won’t see in every corner store, you will love our shop each and every time you visit Hickory, North Carolina. Our women’s boutique offers many services that you won’t find in every clothing store, such as:

Women’s Boutique in Hickory, North Carolina

  • Outfit Selection Assistance- If you hate shopping because you often leave empty-handed, then we want to help ensure that you are able to find items you enjoy! We love to help our customers find and select outfits for them, even going so far as to offer personal shopping for our busy customers.
  • Great Prices- Our women’s boutique features lots of affordable finds. We want to keep our prices reasonable so that we can circulate our products quickly and always have something new and interesting in stock.
  • Eclectic Selection- Like our location, our selection is unique and not like something you’ll see in every other store. Our eclectic selection ensures that your shopping experience, no matter your personal style, will always be an enjoyable one.
  • Fun Location- We know that our location is a little hidden gem of a basement, and we have cultivated that location to create a fun, speakeasy-type of atmosphere that invokes fun and amusement.

If you are looking for options for clothing, furniture, gifts and more, come and see us at Spanky Jane’s Bunker today.


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