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Our gift shop has some uniquely wonderful gifts for the people in your life.

No matter what time of year it is, it seems like you are always looking for a gift for someone! Whether it is a birthday, holiday, thank you or hostess gift that you are searching for, we know you can find something for everyone here at Spanky Jane’s Bunker. Located in Hickory, North Carolina, our shop is something that you won’t want to miss when you are looking for fun, unique gifts that you can’t find in just any gift shop.

Gift Shop in Hickory, North Carolina

One of the things that makes us unique as a gift shop is that we are dedicated to finding unique gifts and items for a wide variety of people. We carry items that anyone can enjoy, including our selection of gifts. With our great atmosphere and help with selection of items, you’ll be able to get wonderful options for great prices in apparel, shoes, accessories, handbags, scarves, jewelry, perfume, and even home décor items. While more of our products are catered to women, we also carry products that men can appreciate.

Instead of struggling to find the perfect gift for your next birthday or event coming up, come check out Spanky Jane’s Bunker for a uniquely wonderful gift shop experience. We would be delighted to take a little time to help you find a great gift and perhaps even something for yourself as a reward for all that hard work!

To find great gifts for all the special people in your life, please come and check us out here at Spanky Jane’s Bunker today!


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