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Enjoy our fun, funky and fashionable women’s clothing boutique!

Do you have a place that you love shopping? Are you tired of seeing the same clothing styles over and over again in various stores and on the street? If you have been looking for a women’s clothing boutique that is fun, funky, fashionable and offers unique and changing styles, come to Spanky Jane’s Bunker in the Hickory, North Carolina area for a truly enjoyable and different shopping experience.

Women’s Clothing Boutique in Hickory, North Carolina

Located below street level and tucked away in a quiet area, our women’s clothing boutique offers a fun, speakeasy vibe that you won’t find in any other women’s clothing stores in the area. Part fashion boutique, part gift shop, you will love the selection and styles we offer at our store. Because we don’t stock many pieces in each style and rotate through our inventory regularly, you are sure to have new pieces to look at every time you shop with us. We have many regular customers who love shopping with us for various occasions as well as gifts. If you are interested in pieces that will become staple parts of your wardrobe, our experts are more than happy to be your personal shopper and help you find the best pieces for you.

If you are on the hunt for a unique women’s boutique, look no further than our delightful, fun and spunky store located below ground. You don’t need a password to gain entrance like a traditional speakeasy, just a fun attitude and a penchant for stylish pieces. To learn more, please give us a call today!